Hi there! my name is Yadii.


Yadii Hair was born in Miami FL, in 2014. I’m Yadii Medina Cofounder and Co-CEO of Origen Group & Yadii Hair and this my dream.

I’ve been using hair extensions since I was 19 (no long ago lol), I remember that it was a struggle for me to find good hair from a reputable source, the only place where I would find the hair I wanted was on eBay , and the girl who sell the hair had this big announcement on her listing: “it will take me 2 weeks to ship your order after verified payment “. The struggle was real !

Then I thought of selling hair myself, so I started researching and learning everything about hair, how hair extensions were made, where they were made, how to become a reseller, permits, licenses etc…

As a black woman who had worn hair extensions half part of my life I know what to look for when searching for good hair extensions. Our hair is different and in order for us to be able to mix it with fake hair, we had to find a good quality, even if you are installing your extensions weaves with no leave out.

You have to be able to treat your hair under the wave, what’s the point of having a protective style if you’re going to harm you hair with over-processed hair extensions that will leave your hair weak when you remove them?

Most of us black women wear hair extensions to take a break from over manipulation of our natural hair, we do that because we care for our own hair, we want to protect it from falling, so why bother doing that if the chemical on your extensions are going to ruin your real hair. Thats why Yadii Hair extensions exists, to help your natural hair to stay healthy while under the wave.


We collect our hair from real healthy people who are appropriately compensated, our hair is virgin from the moment its collected to the moment it arrives to your door, we do not use chemicals to treat our hair extensions. Real hair doesn’t need to be over-processed.

As you may have observed , we don’t have a huge variety of colors or shades of hair extensions in our store, because we believe that if we want to offer you a hair in its most purest state, over processing with bleach and dyed is contradictory.


We promise you the best hair extensions you could possibly find on the market. We promise you will love our hair as much as we do.

We promise you the best customer service with real people, when you contact us, you will find good hard working people willing to make your experience extraordinarily amazing.

And I personally promise you that I will help you achieve the look you deserve, I will be there if you need me, no matter what.


  • Human Hair Extensions Weaves
  • Human Hair Swiss Lace Frontals
  • Human Hair Wigs
  • Human Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions
  • Human Hair Keratin Hair Extensions
  • Human Hair Ponytails Hair Extensions.


Any hair product you use on your natural hair will be good for your hair extensions. Just keep in mind that applying too much oil to your hair extensions will make them prone to dirt. oily hair catch dirt from the environment more easily than non-oily hair. Thats why people with oily wigs and hair extensions experience itchy frequently.

You can wash you hair extensions as many time as you like, it depends on the type of style or installations you have. We recommend washing your weaves once a week or bi-weekly if your style allows it. For Clip-in we recommend washing them once every two weeks if you just wear them occasionally. Keratin hair extensions are more complicated and the washing regimen depends on the installation, state of the glue and type of scalp, but washing a least once a week will be ok for most people.

Yes, absolutely. Our extensions are made with pure Remy hair, you can bleach and dye it as many time as you like. Just keep in mind that as your own hair gets weak and dull when you bleach and color it, your hair extensions will get too eventually if you do it constantly.

Girl if you leave your natural hair out and don’t take care of it, will it tangle? yes, definitely yes. Same happens with hair extensions, they don’t have magic to stay untangled when no proper care is received.

When someone tells you that human hair extensions do not get tangle, run away because that’s a lie.

yes, absolutely. you can curly you hair extensions or straighten them as you like. Good thing about getting good hair extensions is that you don’t have to stay with just one style, you can curl your straight hair or straighten your curly hair, versatility is priceless. oh and do not worry about your curls, they will be back as soon as you wash your hair. isn’t that awesome?

Girl do not worry about late delivery!. We got your back. We ship every day. if you order before 11 am on business day, we will ship the same day and you will probably get it in the next 2 days.

Just to clarify that this only applies to Domestic shipping. International shipping varies according to location. More info here


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