Hair extensions in Miami

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Hair extensions in Miami “Miami the prettiest city in the world” Hair extensions in Miami. You don’t need to break the bank to buy hair extensions in Miami, there are good and smart way to save money while shopping high quality of human hair extensions in Miami, Here are some of … Read More

Hair Extensions Type – Differences

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Hair Extensions Type Hair extensions type. Hair extensions are very popular now days, 6 of 10 woman use hair extensions to style their hair. There are various type of hair extensions available in the market, each of them are installed in different ways.   WEAVE : SEW-IN   This type of … Read More

Hair extension Products

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Hair Extension Products Hair extension products Care for your hair extensions isn’t difficult neither expensive, we have selected some hair products you can use to style your hair extensions, you don’t need expensive products to take care of your hair extensions. These are our recommended hair extensions styling products: SHAMPOO … Read More

Remy hair extensions Clarification

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Remy Hair extensions What is Remy Hair? Remy hair extensions. Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair because it has the cuticle intact and all in the same directions to create a real natural hair look. Remy hair refer to hair that has not been treated chemically to alternate … Read More

washing hair extensions

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washing hair extensions How to wash your hair extensions Washing Hair extensions. Our yadii Hair extensions are made of virgin Remy human hair, for that they can absorb dirt and build up from all hair products we use every day in our hair care routine, making your hair extensions look … Read More

Curly hair extensions care

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Curly hair extensions care How to care for Curly Hair Extensions? Curly hair extensions care is very important, curly hair is fragile and it gets tangle easily, that’s why we have to be very careful taking care of curly hair extensions, we have made a list of some recommendations to … Read More

Hair Extensions care tips

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Hair Extensions Care How to Care for hair Extensions? Hair extensions care. Our Hair extensions are made with real human hair, for that reason they need to be cared as much as your own natural hair; Human hair get tangles , hair extensions get tangles too, for that we have … Read More

Hair Care & Recommendations

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Hair care. Hair care Tips of hair Protects Hair extensions are a great option for women who want to increase the length of their hair. Human hair extensions is soft to the touch and can be styled endless ways. They are the most expensive type of extensions you can buy, and … Read More


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Frequently asked Questions   Q1:How long can my extensions be? A:You can have any length you want up to about 30″. The best looking hair extensions for average height women are usually around 24″ or less. Our most popular length is 22″. Q2. What type of hair care products should I … Read More


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