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Remy hair extensions Clarification

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Remy Hair extensions

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair extensionsRemy hair is the highest quality of human hair because it has the cuticle intact and all in the same directions to create a real natural hair look.

Remy hair refer to hair that has not been treated chemically to alternate its roots.

Many sites around internet advertise Remy hair extensions as a tangle free hair, but let me tell you that is not true, Remy hair gets as many tangles as natural hair gets, but these tangles are easily to dissolve and after detangled remy hair still looks natural and soft like natural hair.

Our Yadii Remy Hair extensions are made of the finest quality of human hair to last longer than regular hair extensions.Remy hair extension

REMY hair  VS. NON remy hair

Remy hair get tanglesnon remy hair too

Remy hair can be ironedNon remy hair too

Remy hair can be Curled Non remy hair too

Remy hair can be bleachedNon remy hair can’t

Remy hair can be dyedNon remy hair can’t

Remy hair can last up 3 yearsNon remy hair can last up 6 months

Remy hair remain soft after timeNon remy hair lost softness within 2 months.

If you want a beautiful lasting hair style get our Yadii remy hair extensions and enjoy them.

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