Curly hair extensions care

Curly hair extensions care

How to care for Curly Hair Extensions?


Curly hair extensions care is very important, curly hair is fragile and it gets tangle easily, that’s why we have to be very careful taking care of curly hair extensions, we have made a list of some recommendations to help you maintain your curly hair extensions healthy and beautiful:


1- Do not comb curly hair while is dry because you will lose hair and you will damage your hair extensions,if you want maintain a good curly hair extensions care routine you should comb you hair while its wet.


2- Wash your curly hair extensions a least once a week with a sulfate free shampoo, then use a sulfate free conditioner and rinse out with cold water.


3- After shampoo and conditioner comb your curly hair extensions with a wide teeth comb, apply a water base leave in conditioner, apply a small amount of Argan oil to seal the moisture and let the hair dry naturally.


4- To style your curly hair extensions use products formulate specifically for curly hair extensions care to enhance your curls and reduce the possibility of get tangle.


5– Cover your curly hair extensions with a satin bonnet every night before go to bed.


6- If you wish to straighten your Yadii Curly hair extensions, go ahead  and do it, the hair will be back to its original texture after washed, but don’t do it frequently because you will be losing your curls pattern at the same time.


7- And remember : Moisturize your curly hair extensions as much as your own natural hair.


Follow these guidelines and you will have a healthy, beautiful looking curly hair.

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