Hair extension Products

Hair Extension Products

Hair extension products

Care for your hair extensions isn’t difficult neither expensive, we have selected some hair products you can use to style your hair extensions, you don’t need expensive products to take care of your hair extensions.

These are our recommended hair extensions styling products:



Pure Clean – Garner fructis ( free of silicon, paraben or dye.)

Hair extensions products -shampoo

OGX – Keratin oil shampoo

Har extensions product-shampoo2


Pure Clean – Garner fructis

Hair extensions products

For Curly hair

Hello Hydratation moisturizing conditioner – Herbal essences

( great to detangle curly hair)

hair extensions conditione



Cinderella Leave-in conditioner

(formulate especially for hair extensions)

hair extensions leave in conditioner2


Moroccan Argan Oil – OGX

Hair extensions argan oil

What hair Extensions products do you use?

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