Hair Extensions care tips

Hair Extensions Care

How to Care for hair Extensions?

Hair extensions care. Our Hair extensions are made with real human hair, for that reason they need to be cared as much as your own natural hair; Human hair get tangles , hair extensions get tangles too, for that we have made a list of some tips that will help you to achieve a good hair extensions care regimen and maintain your Yadii hair extensions soft, shiny and free of tangles.

If your hair extensions are straight or wavy textures comb them before wash, if your hair extensions are Curly comb them while are wet, ( check our article of how to care for curly hair extensions).


When styling white heat use a heat protectant to prevent hair damage.


Do not go to bed with your hair loose, make a ponytail or any up-do and use a satin bonnet to cover your hair.


Use styling products, shampoo and conditioner free of sulfate and silicone.


Wash your hair extensions a least once a week and deep condition once every two weeks.


Remember to moisturize your hair extensions as much as your own hair, keep in mind that the hair extensions are not getting natural oils from your scalp.


If you follow our recommendations you will maintain a healthy beautiful looking hair every day.

hair extensions care.

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