Hair Extensions Type – Differences

Hair Extensions Type

Hair extensions are very popular now days, 6 of 10 woman use hair extensions to style their hair. There are various type of hair extensions available in the market, each of them are installed in different ways.




This type of hair extension is actually the most famous and used in the world, it is the classic style and the first hair extensions type created.

Sew in hair is used for most African American woman who don’t want to expose their natural afro hair, they use this hair extension type as a protective style to retain length or just to change their look.

Sew in hair extension with proper care can last up 12 weeks.

To create this style you have to made some cornrow braid through your hair, put a weave cap and sew the hair extension through your braids.



This hair extensions type is also very popular now days, are easy to install and easy to remove. just attach every clip-in hair extension to your natural hair to match and style as you like, to remove just detach every clip from you natural hair and your done.



This hair extension type is installed attaching a single strand of hair extension to a single strand of your natural hair with keratin glue formulate specially for this method. This type of style is very popular in Hollywood, many actress, models and singers use this type of hair extensions because of the flexibility to create any hair style with them,. This hair extensions type needs to be handled with care, if it is not removed properly may cause severe hair loss.




This kind of hair extension is new and is very usual but is a great alternative to clip-in hair extension. Tape in hair extensions have a special tape attached to the wet of the hair extension, it is easy to install and easy to remove, just tape the hair extensions to your own hair to blend and style as you like.


What hair extensions type you like the most?

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  1. I’ve been using keratin hair extensions since 2009 and my hair is healthy, This type of hair extensions isn’t dangerous, if you take them out carefully you wont damage you own hair.

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