washing hair extensions

washing hair extensions

How to wash your hair extensions


Our yadii Hair extensions are made of virgin Remy human hair, for that they can absorb dirt and build up from all hair products we use every day in our hair care routine, making your hair extensions look old and careless; to prevent that you have to wash your hair extensions a least once a week with the appropriate hair care products.


We have create a simple routine and some tips you can use when you are washing hair extensions:


1- Divide your hair in 4 sections.


2- Apply a sulfate free shampoo and massage gently.


3- After shampoo apply a sulfate free conditioner and comb your hair with a wide teeth comb while you still washing hair extensions, be gently to prevent hair lost from your weft.


4- After conditioner pad dry your hair extensions and apply a water based leave-in conditioner, apply a few drops of Argan oil to seal the moisture and style as always.


5-Once every two weeks apply deep conditioner over your hair extensions, leave in for 20 minutes, rinse, apply organ oil and let them dry naturally.


Remember to moisturize your hair extensions regular.


Follow the above guidelines “washing hair extensions” and you will have a clean, beautiful and healthy looking hair.

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